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My Momma's Life Celebration

mamashesbaby started this conversation
Ok AidPagers I know I havent been on here hardly but Im still trying to sort myself out. I hope eveyone is ok and doing well.
UpDate: On June 25th and 26th my Whole family and I got together in the oakanogan area for my momma's Life Celebration, THe Morning of the 25th my Dad, SIster and I gathered with a family friend who is a minister and briefly spoke about the way we wanted her Spreading of her ashes, Prayers and Songs to go. As soon as we gathered our thoughts and plans I gathered my momma for the very last time, Held her tightly and cryed as I, in my mind did not what to let her go. (in the sence) My family, consisting of about 50+, walked the half mile to the Bridge where we laid her to rest. My Aunties (her sisters) My sister, My dad and my Baby Girl walked hand in hand with my mom, singing and crying with every step. Knowing who my mom was and what she found special about the smallest things, I know she would have been overjoyed, crying and proud to see us, All of us walking for her, with her. In the little town of Mallot the Population is about 500+ on a good day and to see a parade of people of about 50+ walking down their Main St im sure made their brows raise. Once we made it to the Bridge, it all hit me that this is it, Since I picked up her small, black box the day I brought her home I've "Had" her and now I have to let her go.
We all wrap our bodys around the bridge, The sun shining so brightly and the lightest breeze softly blowing. One of my cousins brought 2 bundles of flowers, Yellow daisys and Red roeses. The minster friend of ours greets us all with why we were here and how important it is to keep family first. He leads us in prayer, A prayer for us and a Prayer for my momma. My sister, holding me tight grips my hand, were both sobbing, she wispers to me "Whenever your ready, Just take your time sis". I could hardly breath I was crying so hard, I open the box for the first time and it was all i could do to muster the strenght to lift her out of the box, Not because of the weight but because of the finality of it all. Holding her bag was surreal, A clear bag with what looked to be just ciggarette ashes closed with a zip tie and a metal tag with a number on it and a date. My auntie hands me a pair of sissors to cut the bag, My hands were shaking so bad my sister had to help me, we open the bag and as I do a slight breeze passes and lifts just a wisp of her through the air, at that moment I know its time. Shes telling me its time. Time to let her rest, rest with her momma, her brother, her son. My sister and I hold her bag and as we spread her into the wind, Family members say their last goodbyes. Tears in their eyes, they toss the beautiful flowers in the river with her. A cousin of mine snaped some photos of the spreading and in the photos it looks like a waterfall, My momma even at her last moments made sure she looked stunning at all times. After the spreading we all turned and held eachother, kissed eachother, spoke to eachother. We all stayed at the bridge for a while, I watched the flowers float away.
Later that evening we all gathered at a grange hall, set up for more guests, My aunties made large poster boards of photos of my momma, one of my cousins made a slideshow of her, we made food that was signature dishes of my mommas or dishes she loved. Guests came, we sang, we danced our hearts out, we spoke of her with ever other word we used, and we ate till we could eat again. Thats what my momma wanted, thats just what she would do. Everything about that weekend was all about her... My MOMMA.
I hope you can find comfort in this post, Knowing she is at peace, she is where she needs to be. I will post some photos, Please respect them, Do NOT share them with anyone please. They are only ment for people who she loved and cared for on here. Thank you.
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Thank you for sharing this ... it was beautiful and beyond touching.
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